Blended Learning

New Beginnings HS Blended Learning Education Program

New Beginnings High School specifically seeks these students who have been marginalized by poverty, language barriers, and a host of other challenges that have prevented educational success. By identifying and serving these at-risk students and families who have not found success in traditional programs across the state, we will provide an invaluable service to the students and the communities in which they reside.

  • NBHS focuses on personalized learning, incorporating state learning standards for all grade levels, and mastering state requirements through customized blended learning while fueling student growth and inspiring family engagement.

We have created an educational model to increase the success rate of at-risk students and those who have not been successful in mainstream classrooms because of life circumstances. Students are assessed to determine mastery of course standards and to identify opportunities for growth in order to create a prescriptive learning plan. Through a comprehensive and personalized credit recovery program, students who have struggled academically are given a second chance to graduate and enhance their quality of life.

  • NBHS had designed a blended educational system that utilizes the best practices of business, education, and social services.

 A key component of NBHS’s instructional model is a dedicated, intervention-based literacy development program specifically designed for at-risk high school students.

In addition to utilizing nationally recognized, sequential, tailored academic programs, masterful instructors deliver and support instruction that empowers students and is seen as useful by students so that they experience the value of the course material in their lives.  High interest topics are integrated into student learning in a caring, supportive classroom environment where teacher treats them with respect and are invested in their success.

Offering a variety of learning modalities and experiences, as well as offering students choice in how they learn and demonstrate that learning, leads to greater involvement and ownership of learning.

  • Interaction with our enthusiastic, well trained staff draws students to success and keep them involved and motivated in their own education.
  • Intensive interventions accelerate development of the literacy skills that secondary students require to meet grade-level standards.
  • Students are taught to become resilient learners and develop an internal work ethic.

NBHS offers a blended program that offers students flexible learning opportunities to ensure access to quality education coupled with direct instruction in a computer based learning platform and interaction with staff via cell phone, computer or other assistive technology. The online curriculum and learning solutions empower our specially trained staff to leverage innovative technology that integrates seamlessly with their teaching style and significantly enhances the likelihood of sustainable student success.

Blended students can complete the lessons, units, and courses at an accelerated pace, and can pause and rewind videos as needed to take notes and review concepts to ensure comprehension.

The instructional materials provide support to dedicated blended instructors, the courses and curriculum combine the experience of the classroom teacher with the flexibility of online learning for a digital learning experience designed to overcome the academic barriers facing our struggling students.

NBHS pairs its comprehensive blended learning offerings with the unique supports that are critical to success for at-risk students.  At-risk students face unique challenges to personal and academic success.

NBHS employs staff who hold high expectations for all students and help all students learn and contribute to positive academic, attitudinal, and social outcomes for students.

NBHS staff use multiple resources to plan and structure engaging learning opportunities, monitor student progress formatively, adapt instruction as needed, and evaluate learning using multiple sources of evidence, which will contribute to the development of students that value opportunity, academic success, diversity and civic- mindedness.

Social Services and Remote Counseling

  • Experience and research show that in order for at-risk students and drop-out students to achieve success, social services are imperative. Social workers provide comprehensive supports to connect students to school and community resources that help address and overcome the out-of-school systemic barriers to students’ learning.
  • Constant communication using a variety of technology-based tools ensures that we continue to address and support student needs. Helping youth re-engage in school requires not only the elimination of school “push out” practices, but aims to consolidate and coordinate student and learning supports—the counseling services, prevention and intervention programs, and community resources that tend to be fragmented and uncoordinated in many communities.
  • Through the use of technology-based and in-person emotional wellness counselors, NBHS provides remote mental health services to support students