NBHS Incentive Plan

“Engage, Interact, and Earn Credits”
We are excited to announce the NBHS Edgenuity Incentive Plan. Be rewarded for your efforts while earning credits working in Edgenuity. NBHS will acknowledge your achievements through special announcements on our website and social media networks, prizes, raffles, lunch on us, and more. To learn more, reach out to your Blended Learning instructor
The Edgenuity Incentive Chart is to be used as an aid in order to encourage NBHS students engage, interact, and earn credits through Edgenuity. The incentive chart is broken down into 4 tiers of levels for students to progress through on Edgenuity and measured weekly. Each level has a set of incentives attached. Students can earn these incentives weekly at each level. As students progress through each level they must meet the standards at each level in order to progress and receive incentives. Students have the opportunity to earn every incentive at each level. Students will end at one level at the end each week. Their Blended Learning instructor will be on constant communication with them and verify with the levels they reach each week. The student will be notified by their Blended Learning instructors and receive earned incentives by mail.